Join us in building a sustainable co-creative community:
Artists of Life & World Schoolers Base, island Vis, Croatia

Let’s lay the foundations of New Earth together...

Space for children, parents, and friends. Educational  and experiential workshops, reTreats, and programmes in nature. Working and living in harmony with nature, local Spirit, local people, animals, and each other. Producing quality, organic food. Creating art. 

We are currently searching for investors who will help us buy:
🍇Agricultural land with off-grid house, garden, olive trees and vinyard on the island Vis - to produce organic non-alcoholic wine, organic olive oil, essential oils, herbal teas and other products, and to provide healthy and authentic environment for children to grow up, and for artists to create.
Price for 12 000 m2 of fertile land with offgrid house is: 180 000 euro. 
 Standard house to provide all-year long base for all activities. 

🌹5000 m2 urban zone to build sustainable campsite for chidlren and edible garden in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Rare and sacred land we found for this purpose has incredible spring water and many other special features and costs 105 000 euro.

In both of these places the aim is to build and international outdoor base for children, their parents and any other people who want to live in a sustainable and healthy way.

THE TIME IS NOW! Many of us have been dreaming, visualising, wishing for a new harmonious life which is in harmony with nature, health of the body, soul, spirit. It’s time to take action...


You have been thinking to relocate? Or at least you want to have a plan B except for the life you live now? 

NOW is the time to take the action and manifest it!
Lets meet in June on Vis island (3.-15.6.) and/or in Visoko (21.-25.6) and MAKE A CHANGE for yourself and others. 

1 house is off-grid in inland and accessible and fully equipped and suitable also for digital nomads close to the best beaches of the island. 


Our further aims and activities:
- Temple of Education: Creating a fully aknowkedged and enriching international outdoor educational environment for children. READ MORE ABOUT THE EDUCATIONAL STYLES WE LOVE HEREhttps://www.rosesandgrapes.com/all4kids/

 - Temple of Art: Creating a place where languages, art and nature meet. Organize regular international artistic symposiums (umjetnicke kolonije), production of ceramics: Edukativni Centar Svjet

- Temple of Healthy Food: Producing olive oil, non-alcoholic wine, herbal products, food and wine for local community to contribute to the sustainability of the island.

- Holistic Temple of Health: Providing consultations in the area of healthy life-style, natural conception, Conscious motherhood&fatherhood, 

- Temple of Communication: PR services for local producers and connecting them with foreign markets. Merging the local and traditional spirit of Dalmatia and specificall island Vis and up-to-date international approaches. Training programmes. Studio for reports, interviews, film and book publishing.

- Temple of Experiences: Holistic Holidays, digital detox experiences, primal tours, and consultations for digital nomads. 

Contact me for more information: 
Mgr. Daniela Bohata

Email: dicascata@gmail.com 

Tel/WhatsApp: +385915588649