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The purpose of the DiCascata Non-profit Foundation:  The Fund has been established for a public benefit, inspiration and support of  healthy lives of children and adults, as well as a charitable purpose. 
Our aim is to:  
1/ Support education and research in the Czech Republic and abroad. 
2/ Research, develop, and create healthy conditions for the life of people, animals and plants. 
3/ Organize workshops, courses, retreats, intercultural exchange stays for the purpose of spreading and mutually enriching by cultural, spiritual, and national ethnicities, identities. 
4/ Support quality, fair and slow tourism in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the provision of information services by engaging the public through social networks. 
See Chorvatsko aktuálně group on FB. 
5/ Support healthy lifestyle and social interaction of children, youth and parents, educational and digital and other detox recovery camps, and stays for children, adults, singles, and families. 
6/ Protection of animals, and preservation of the natural character of the landscape for their life. 
7/ Practicing and developing ecological sustainability in harmony with nature. 
8/ Community production of quality natural local food, especially for families with children who do not have the ability to produce their own food. 
9/ Provision of facilities for artists and "world schoolers" and intercultural exchanges, in the Czech Republic and abroad. 
10/ Preservation of sustainable ecological management in the countryside in the Czech Republic and abroad.
11/ Cultivating ingredients typical of the area, making food for the children and their parents who arrive for educational, healing and creative stays (e.g. sunflowers in the Czech Republic, olive oil in Croatia, roses and wine in Bosnia and Herzegovina) 
12/ Organization of camps to connect children with nature and develop artistic, linguistic and sports skills children's abilities, their intercultural exchange, etc., in the Czech Republic and abroad. 
13/ Designing and organizing educational programs for children and adults in the Czech Republic and abroad. 
14/ Organization of so-called digital detoxification stays for adults and children in the Czech Republic and abroad. 
15/ Intercultural education of small companies in the Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia. 
16/ Presentation of Czech art abroad. 
17/ Organization of art symposia, works of art, and meetings, workshops and courses with international cultural exchange. 
18/ Construction of the tomb and museum of the first world Czech gold medalist in sports, Marie Kettnerová, museum administration. 
19/ Writing books and producing audio-books on topics related to the purposes of the endowment fund described in points 1/ to 18/, including publishing and translation activities.