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Welcome to our website!

Here you can find information about us and how we can co-create healthy places and alive living spaces. And now you can also DANCE WITH US or meet me at a magical island Lastovo, Croatia!

There are many ways how to explore, cultivate and first of all enjoy partnership dynamics. I would like to invite you to come to LASTOVO island and other magical places, DANCE and explore the magic of different styles of dance with some of the best dance guides I know, real artists and shamans of life.

In 2023 their and your relaxation, fun and a bit of exercise will have the incredibly amazing calming wild nature as a background. So if you hear the calling, register for one of our healthy, inspiring and educational courses in early booking offer until the end of March by contacting me. Or just ask for more information.

Courses are suitable for singles (maybe you can meet someone new at this course!), couples, families as well as children of any age!

Beginner to intermediate levels.

Our mission is to, beside obvious health, sport, and relaxation benefits, also share cross-cultural and cross-lingual wisdom and skills.

The courses are organized by DiCascata, Non-for-Profit Foundation aims of which you can read bellow.

Check our WINE, TASTES AND SMELLS of Dalmatia FESTIVAL which took place at Lastovo island.

DiCascata Foundation has been registered for a charitable purpose as well as a public benefit.

Here are our major goals:

1/ Education and research.
2/ Research and development of healthy conditions for the life of people, animals and plants.
3/ Organisation of stays for intercultural exchanges for the purpose of spreading cultural, spiritual and
national identities.
4/ Support of quality fair and slow tourism in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We also provide  include exchange of information, feedback, and experience with services and products by engaging the public through social networks.
5/ Support of healthy lifestyle and social interaction of children, youth and parents. Educational and
relaxing, and digital detox camps and stays for families.
6/ Protection of animals and preservation of the natural character of the landscape for their life.
7/ Creating, practicing ,and developing ecologically sustainable structures in the landscape in harmony with nature.
8/ Community production of quality natural locally-sourced food, especially for families with children who
do not have the opportunity to produce their own food.
9/ Creating inspiring and supportive spaces for artists and "world schoolers".  Educational and artistic intercultural exchanges.
10/ Preservation of sustainable ecological management of the land in the Czech Republic and abroad.
11/ Cultivating ingredients typical of the area (e.g. sunflowers in the Czech Republic, olive oilin Croatia, roses and wine in Bosnia and Herzegovina). Producing food for the children and their parents who arrive
for educational, healing and creative stays. 
12/ Organisation of camps to connect children with nature and develop artistic, linguistic and sports skills
children's abilities, their intercultural exchange, etc., in the Czech Republic and abroad.

13/ Design and organisation of educational programs for children in the Czech Republic, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and other countries.
14/ Organisation of so-called digital detoxification stays for adults and children.
15/ Intercultural education and international exchanges of know-how of small companies in the Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia.
16/ Presentation of Czech art abroad.
17/ Organisation of art symposia, works of art, and meetings with international cultural exchange.
18/ Construction of the tomb and museum of the first world Czech gold medalist in sport, table tennis world champion Marie Kettnerová, museum administration.
19/ Writing books and producing audio-books on topics related to the purposes of the endowment fund described
in points 1/ to 18/, including publishing, and translation activities.

One with the Adriatic Sea and its Beings🐬.

Join me in the Sea Temple in 2022:

🦋to reconnect with your primal Life Sparkle and your Juices. 

🦋Become the Artist of Life. 

🦋Align with your Purpose. 

🦋Activate your internal and external languages (let me teach you how to communicate with your Body, Soul, the Spirit; speak English/Czech/Croatian)

🦋You shall be reBorn... 

Book my individual guidance or group leadership in 2022. 

My offices are the outdoor Temples of Mother Earth... 

So we will meet in wild nature and at sacred places. 

     ABOUT THE FOUNDER: Daniela Bohatá and was born on 22nd September 1983. I have always loved learning languages, learning about cultures, tasting delicacies from around the world, the art and lifestyle of southern and south-eastern Europe. I am glad that I managed to transform almost all of my interests into a part of my professional life at various stages of my life. Already as a student of English and German philology and teaching for secondary schools in Ostrava, I taught in companies and individually general and business English, Later on, I gained valuable experience teaching foreign languages ​​at secondary school and as methodologist and manager in language school, and private primary school where both Czech and English currriculums were taught. For seven years I was employeed at the Tomas Bata University in Zlín, where I worked as a teacher of business English, presentation skills, and intercultural communication. During this time, I completed 4 years of doctoral studies in English Language Teaching Methodology at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republicc. In the end, I did not finish my studies and I eventually decided to also quit my career as a university teacher. 

       I chose to become a freelancer - partly working outside on fresh air with people and sometimes introverted (I translated and published two books - the first on the Bosnian pyramids, the second on Bosnia and Herzegovina as a destination). I founded a travel agency which was selling special experiences in Croatia, and promoted slow, fair and quality tourism which combines clients exploring places and local culture in depth, and the harmony and sustainability of the destination. I also became a full-time self-reliant mother.  At the times, when I was still spending majour part of my life back in the Czech Republic, I opened the Ankh Centre in Zlín, where lectures, workshops and individual therapies took place. Since 2014, I was spending part of the year in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 2020, due to the situation I only pandle between Dalmatia and the Czech Republic. In tourism, I also worked for other agencies as a guide and agency representative in Sardinia, which is my another love. Since 2013, we have been guiding each other mutually with my son, who attended primatry school in Croatia for two years, and thus succeeds in social and intellecual life as a fully bilingual child with a great artistic talen as a bonus. In Croatia, I created special one-day experiences in the mountains and by the sea. In previous years, I used to organize a lot of beautiful stays and reTreats in the wild nature and at sacred places for both groups and individuals. Thanks to that, I met many interesting people from the Czech Republic and abroad. I expanded my knowledge of languages ​​which now includes fluent Croatian. I also speak Russian and understand the basics of Dutch, Latin and I definitely want to work on my Italian, Spanish and Ukrainian in the future. In addition to my passion to communicate verbally (and sometimes publicly), I enjoy expressing myself ​​visually. I have created a collection of waterfall long skirts DiCascata, which are one of the tools meant for women to cultivate sacred femininity, rather than representing fashion as such. For such needs, I also use my homemade  rose oil, which is also part of the HolyStick healing wand for women. I am a reporter from Croatia - I founded the YouTube channel Roses & Grapes by Diana, where I publish interviews and reports from interesting places. I foundeed groups on Facebook Chorvatsko aktuálně and Chorwacja aktualnie which currently count up to 60 000 members who, in addition to me, share their experience and observations from Croatia,

          At the moment I am enjoying working on a project of educational programs for children of digital nomads - International Beach / Mountain School. For the year 2022, one of the newest services I offer are Communication Keys - online as well as live activation of Croatian, Czech and English languages for travelling purposes. EXPERIENCE ENGLISH, EXPERIENCE CROATIAN, EXPERIENCE CZECH. We start on 12.12.2021. In spring and autumn, I will also be happy to invite you to relaxing and active experiences on the Croatian islands of Vis, Hvar and Korčula. I dedicate myself to children and their education throughout the year as part of the International Beach / Mountain School or All4Kids project - contact me for more information. In the Czech Republic, I believe we can meet in the Czech mountains. Thanks to the DiCascata Foundation we will all soon be able to co-create healthy and alive places and creative and living spaces in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and many other places.

  • Creating tailor-made SPECIAL EXPERIENCES for you on SPECIAL DATES on SACRED PLACES - anywhere we feel the call to - up on your invitation, and my acceptance respectively. Or you can join me for some regular EXPERIENCES I offer where I feel home - Biokovo Mountain Range (Makarska, Croatia), island Hvar, and Island Vis.
  • PROMOTION OF QUALITY DESTINATIONS, SERVICES, AND PRODUCTS - my PR services are not for sale, you can only try impress me with the quality, authenticity, and depth of your work, contribution, or your product.
  • Holistic TV YOUTUBE CHANNEL - Programmes: Walk & Talk; Circle of Year; Golden Rose Temple of Love; Temple of Health; Temple of Special Experiences; Holistic Law; Temple of Growth (Education); Temple of Alignment (souls' purpose); Golden Circle online; Sacred Places & Important Dates.
  • Circle of Year - special dates and sacred places, seasonal ideas, inspirations, offers, and suggestions, inspiring life-changing treats, reTreats, group experiences, individual dream holidays.
  • Services
  • Teaching Successful Communication Skills in English, Czech, Croatian, German,
  • Consultations: The Alchemy of Healthy Body & Soul - Healthy Heart, Womb and Lap, Prostate.
  • Books
  • Travelling


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